Riphean Website

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., June 14, 2023 – Riphean Group, a growth management firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, found at By unveiling the new site, Riphean aims to spark meaningful conversations and invite individuals and organizations to collaborate on regional initiatives.

“We have poured tremendous effort into Riphean, and we are excited to finally share our story, introduce the entrepreneurs we collaborate with, and highlight the work our team is doing to make an impact,” said Joel Griffin, Founder and CEO of Riphean. “We hope to inspire others to join us.”

The newly launched website offers information about Riphean’s key investment areas, providing insights into the industries it operates in, and the diverse portfolio of companies it partners with. Visitors can navigate through dedicated pages for each portfolio company, delving deeper into their unique offerings and achievements. Moreover, the website highlights Riphean’s commitment to community engagement, showcasing partnerships with organizations that are making a difference in the region.

To learn about Riphean and explore its new website, visit