Advocacy. Advisory. Philanthropy. It’s always been about service for us.

Advocacy. Advisory. Philanthropy. It’s always been about service for us.

Creating meaningful impact goes beyond our offices and into the communities we serve. By working with community partners, we foster the framework that will generate positive growth and enhance the quality of life for generations to come.

We are a catalyst. We help found nonprofits to aid personal and professional development. We kickstart change by fostering environments that raise awareness, provide education and empower individuals in the community.

We are a leader. Our team leads initiatives that benefit local small businesses, education, healthcare and local government programs.

We are an advocate. We believe the highest value we can provide is to mentor the next generation. We promote workforce development and job training so individuals, minorities and veterans can further themselves into a rewarding career. We work with local educators to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs in their classrooms.

We are a partner. We bring together governments, businesses and non-profits to turn bold ideas into high-impact results. We grow when you grow.

Meet Our Community Partners

Cyber Bytes Foundation

Cyber Bytes Foundation

Co-founded by Partner Brian DeMuth, Cyber Bytes Foundation (CBF) is a non-profit dedicated to developing a unique cyber ecosystem of educational and outreach programs for individuals and small business that enhance the cyber workforce. The American Cyber League (ACL), a CBF consortium of likeminded companies and individuals was created to bring community resources together to assist in the outreach mission and to participate in advanced research addressing the most challenging customer problem-sets.

Fredericksburg Regional Alliance Logo

Fredericksburg Regional Alliance

Through recruitment, collaboration and advocacy, the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance (FRA) creates an environment to foster regional job growth. Riphean Investments supports the FRA as a sponsor and Joel Griffin serves on its Board of Directors.

Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce Logo

Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce

As a leading convener for the business community, the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce creates a healthy business environment in the region through relationship building and creating competitive advantages. Riphean Investments supports the Chamber as a member and Joel Griffin serves on its Board of Directors.

Gwyneth's Gift Foundation

Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation

Co-founded by Partner Joel Griffin and Jennifer Griffin in honor of their oldest daughter, Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness and education of CPR and the use of AEDs. Since its establishment, Gwyneth’s Gift has trained 7,658 people on CPR and placed 55 AED devices in Virginia resulting in seven lives saved.

Stafford County EDA Logo

Stafford County Economic Development Authority

Facilitating business expansion and growth in Stafford, the Economic Development Authority provides training seminars, networking opportunities, grants and finance programs to foster new business investment. Partner Joel Griffin serves as Chairman.

Stafford Hospital Foundation Logo

Stafford Hospital Foundation

Through philanthropic and grant support, Stafford Hospital Foundation provides funds that enable Stafford Hospital and its affiliates to acquire the very latest in technical advances and provide educational scholarships to Associates of the Hospital. Partner Joel Griffin serves on its Board of Directors.