Brian DeMuth


Since I was young, I’ve been taking things apart and figuring out how they work. At 5 years old, I was taking apart my parents’ vacuum cleaner and putting it back together. At 14 years old, I was taking an engine out of a vehicle and rebuilding it. This was just the beginning. Once I started to understand how ‘things’ worked, I moved onto figuring out how people work.

Founder, advisor, executive and hacker with 22 years of experience in developing and implementing advanced cyber technologies and 20 years in government contracting. Brian DeMuth serves as a Partner in Riphean Investments and its National Security Fund. He leads the overall strategy and direction of the firm in addition to managing all aspects of the Firm’s investments and raising and managing venture funds. He also serves on several portfolio company boards, working closely with their founders and executive teams to accelerate growth.

Brian is also the co-founder of Cyber Bytes Foundation (CBF), a non-profit dedicated to developing a unique cyber ecosystem of educational and outreach programs for individuals and small business that enhance the cyber workforce. The American Cyber League (ACL), a CBF consortium of likeminded companies and individuals was created to bring community resources together to assist in the outreach mission and to participate in advanced research addressing the most challenging customer problem-sets. Currently, ACL membership has grown to over 1,000 organizations and participants from around the world and continues to grow every week.

As a nationally recognized technical and business thought leader, Brian regularly presents at industry conferences and has previously spoken at Pennsylvania Automated Vehicle Summit, Hack the Capitol, Mobile World Congress and Automated Driving Systems Conference and Expo 2018. In 2020, he was recognized by DCA Live as a Rising Star of GovCon and is now currently overseeing the operational startup of the American Cyber League consortium.

Prior to joining Joel to launch Riphean Investments, Brian spent four years as the CEO of GRIMM, an engineering and consulting firm focused on cybersecurity. He previously led an advanced cyber services organization and provided solutions to the federal government, intelligence community and commercial organizations.

With 15 years of developing and implementing DoD and military department cyber range programs and training modules and programs for cyber warriors, Brian has extensive insight into the entire cyber workforce. He also led the highly technical SIGINT system integration as well as created and carried out corporate information security strategies for large corporate CISOs. Brian’s previously served on the advisory board for NVCC Cyber Workforce and several universities cyber curriculum advisory boards.

Additionally, Brian has 20 years of professional experience in national and international classified system network architecture design and implementation, cyber policy development and implementation, HUMINT and SIGINT systems design and integration, Counterintelligence and additional efforts that tie directly to national security and defense of the U.S. government’s systems and networks.

Brian also has considerable experience with the management, installation and maintenance of expansive enterprise networks and wide area networks, including classified and sensitive architectures. In addition, he has extensive systems engineering experience with Windows 9x through Windows 7, Windows Server, Unix and Unix variants such as Solaris, Linux and BSD and in troubleshooting internetworking devices with formal training in IP addressing, subnetting and network topologies as well as network auditing and exploitation.