Jon Steinbach

Board Member and Executive Council

Jon Steinbach

Jon Steinbach is the President of Boldend, Inc. and serves as a member on Riphean Investments Advisory Board.

Bringing over 20 years’ experience supporting the DoD and IC to our Board, Jon supports strategic discussions, advises on future initiatives and supports the growth of portfolio companies.

Boldend, Inc. designs and develops products to assist in defending cyberspace with a focus on automating the next generation of cyber operations.

Prior to becoming Boldend President, Jon led Endgame’s cybersecurity and cyber operational efforts in the federal sector. He was instrumental in working with various partners to leverage Endgame’s cyber hunting platform to provide a pathway to cyber hunting as a service. In doing so, Jon led the initial efforts for Accenture Federal to acquire Endgame’s federal business.

As a former CIA Officer, Jon deployed globally for Counterterrorism and Paramilitary operations in various austere environments. He received several awards for his efforts. Additionally, he developed game-changing operational techniques that are still utilized by Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community to date.

Jon later developed curriculum around these techniques and provided them across USSOCOM and JSOC to increase mission accuracy, efficiency, and success. Prior to becoming a CIA Officer, Jon served as a former U.S. Marine where he served with distinction and was meritoriously promoted four times.

  • Over 20 Years of Experience Supporting Department of Defense and Intelligence Community
  • President, Boldend, Inc.
  • Led Cyber Hunting Platform for Endgame Prior to Acquisition by Accenture Federal
  • U.S. Marine, Former CIA Officer, Deployed Globally for Counterterrorism and Paramilitary Operations