FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Jul 30, 2021 – Riphean Investments, a new venture studio investment firm based in Fredericksburg, Va., was interviewed on the latest episode of Freehling Finds this past week. The series is hosted by Bill Freehling, Director of Economic Development and Tourism in the City of Fredericksburg.

Partners Joel Griffin and Brian DeMuth sat down with Freehling to introduce Riphean Investments to the Fredericksburg area. The two discussed the decision to choose Fredericksburg as the headquarters location for Fredericksburg, the companies they are are partnering with, and the meaning behind Riphean’s name. Additionally, Griffin discussed the role Riphean Investments plans to play in job creation in the Fredericksburg area.

“A big part of what we are trying to do is to help grow the community through the entrepreneurs who are offering jobs to people who want to live and work here,” Griffin stated. DeMuth added, “We have a long pipeline of interested parties in the region, and we’re very much looking to align regional investor interests with what we are doing while bringing jobs into the area.”

To close out the discussion, Freehling expressed his gratitude to the firm for their investment into the region. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Riphean Investments right here in downtown Fredericksburg and look forward to all the great things that you all are going to do for our community and our entrepreneurs.”

To view the video or see other videos in the series, follow Fredericksburg Economic Development and Tourism on one of their social media channels.

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