Unconventional problem solvers with insatiable drive. Intent pathfinders with unshakable vision.

These are the people and companies that shape the world. Visionaries that believe in their cause whether or not others do. Catalysts that fight for that cause whether or not others do.

They value community over cash and service before self. Their ideas become reality. Their dreams become movements. These people and companies are rare. Their commitment to success is beyond comprehension for most – but not us.

These are the business insane. They inform. They compel. They impact.

RapidAscent offers students an opportunity to become a highly skilled cyber professional with no prior degree or upfront tuition required. Its program directly matches students into corporate positions and provides hands-on apprenticeships, an adaptive learning curriculum and real-world training so that they can seamlessly transition into a successful career in cybersecurity immediately upon graduation.

Cyber is a behavioral domain, but traditional approaches are all IT-focused, making it a challenge to include many aspects which require the human element. As a result, fragile, special-purpose solutions that do not scale snare cyber teams with low operational relevance. Animate brings the power of the Digital Cyber Workforce to replicate employee behavior and their interactions, creating the easiest and fastest way to precisely emulate real-world behaviors that drive operational scenarios and enhance cyber posture.

Founded in 2001, Catapult Consultants sits at the convergence of cyber and financial security services. Our mission is to secure the nation by improving the security of every U.S. citizen and protecting the integrity of government systems and institutions. Our team is made up of technical experts with proven backgrounds in providing exemplary services to the Federal Government. We are dedicated to addressing the evolving cyber and financial threats our nation faces.