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The start of a business – a place you likely know well. Idea brought to reality. What was said to be unconceivable is conceived. And then the sprint.

You know the drill. Long hours, heavy stress, risk. Suddenly, a developer becomes HR. The creator is an accountant. You’re providing the solution, working on the proposals, going to BD functions – carrying the load. But you’d rather work 100 hours for yourself than one hour for someone else, so you continue – pushing that idea forward, driving its success.

Later you have employees, contracts, revenue – maybe even a little profit. You’re delivering on the promise and no longer rolling the dice on failure. You’ve actually got something here and people are interested in it.

So now what? From idea to maturity, what’s your next move?

As founders, we’ve been in your shoes and come out the other side. We’ve run businesses, sold businesses. We’ve learned from mistakes as well as successes. We understand what it takes to be successful in our markets. And because of that, we know that money alone isn’t enough.

Money isn’t a solution, it’s a means to an end.

A solution is, “I need help bringing my product to market, running the back office, getting introductions to new customers.” Growth in the markets we serve has a host of complexities. You constantly need to be looking ahead and determining if you have what you need to sustain the next level.

Can I sustain the business with the current revenue until my next job comes in? Can I grow the business with the current revenue? What is the next level of back-office support I’m going to need? Can I afford the next level of federal regulations, guidelines and requirements that I must adhere to? Do I understand what they are? What tools are needed to help us progress? I won a new contract, what now? We’re graduating from small business size– can we sustain?

When building a strategy, we span four areas of the business – products and solutions, growth strategy, leadership and culture, and back-office support systems.

Products & Solutions

You’ve got something great, let’s get it into more hands. Starting at the foundation of the business, we assess current products and solutions and identify growth opportunities. Working together, we support development, optimization and expansion of product and services to help our partners scale.

Growth Strategy

Through a business analysis and SWOT, we assess corporate structure, systems, relationships, people and strategy. We develop a strategy that aligns capabilities to customers, vendors and partners and help our partners implement it while also supporting business development, marketing and sales functions.

Leadership & Culture

Everything flows from the top. Leadership is arguably the most critical area to business growth and your culture will stem from it. We perform analysis on leadership, people and organization and assess current culture and value systems. If gaps are identified, we work together to implement solutions and enhance corporate culture to complement employee engagement, incentives, career paths and retention initiatives targeted to high potential employees.

Back-Office Support Systems & Services

Investing in the right tools to help you get to the next level. We assess current back-office systems and services for quality and efficiency and then provide guidance, strategy and introduction to partners in the industry around systems across HR, payroll, finance and proposals. We also standardize and optimize all systems to meet compliance requirements.

There’s a misconception that the more success you have, the less you work.

Growth in our markets isn’t a one-and-done, quick-fix solution, but we believe a focused strategy aimed toward the long-view will present opportunities for those ready to put in the work.

Our team is built around making you successful. We’re ready to go shoulder-to-shoulder and give what it takes. We’re looking for partners willing to do the same. Let’s get to work.

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